Peeks In The Window

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Wonder Woman/ Zatanna 8

Figure drawing is all done now---Just gotta do Z's trademark fishnets, and add blacks. Then it's on to backgrounds. Might even finish this one up today....


  1. Hey Drew, Happy New Year!. Commission is looking great, Z is a knock-out!. best, Karl

  2. Me again. Have you considered creating any visual difference between the lasso and the normal rope (assuming that is what it is) used to tie Zatanna?.

  3. You too, Karl! Hope you're doing great! Glad you're happy with how it's coming along:)
    I was thinking of throwing a different texture on the Z rope and the usual sparkle fx on WW's lasso. It should show a real difference between the bonds.
    I'm working on the train shadow right now, and hope to finish this evening!
    I'll post more soon!