Peeks In The Window

Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Window Is Open---Cheetah's Revenge Part 3

  Good Morning, All!
  Here's where I left off on the Cheetah figure last night.  Man, I got tired about 10pm, and just HAD to go pass out.  I should probably exercise more.  My energy levels are getting seriously pathetic.  Back in the Rucka Wonder Woman days, I used to work 10am to about 3am, seven days a week.  Now I just wanna go to bed at a decent hour.  I guess I've lost my furious comic artist mojo:)  Then again, maybe THAT wasn't really very healthy either....I'm meandering....Any way----More later!


  1. Great dynamic Cheetah figure coming out there, what's she swapped her hairbrush for ?

  2. A small cat o' nine tails----Though I just realized I didn't have nine tails going on, so I've now added 'em:)
    I'm finishing Cheet's right leg, and then she'll be all finished!