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Friday, January 18, 2013

Guy and Ice Inks #3

Greetings, all! Many apologies for the delay, the last couple days have been quite busy for me. Searching for better health care policies and quotes is so very exciting, by the way. Presented is the latest inks for Guy and Ice. I've worked a little detail into both the foreground and the all important mid-ground. Hopefully, tonight and tomorrow will be more productive. It's such fun piece that I'd much rather be at the table with this than running errands!

I'll probably be switching back and forth between the main figures and some of the background tech. The tech is somewhat tedious (templates and such), so better broken up to small doses. Welcome on the ink list to Monte (Harley and Ivy). Thanks to David for the kind email exchanges. And most of all, thanks to Drew and Karl for the beautiful work with Cheetah's Revenge. A great kick back to some of the early William Moulton Marston books with a little bit of 'kink'.


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  1. Hi Ray, good to see your progress on this. Following the artistic process has always been interesting. I wish I could take some credit for the Wonder Woman pieces but it's pretty much all Drew.