Peeks In The Window

Friday, January 11, 2013

PowerThoris Part 5----The Finished Figure

Hey All--- Here's the finished figure for the Powergirl/Dejah Thoris commission. I'm going to finish up this piece with some background work and a close-up head shot. You can see the light sketch lines for this stuff if you go back and look at Part 1. I'll post more progress in another couple of hours. Just for fun, here's an email conversation I had about this commission with a friend/client who shall remain...Nameless:):
.... a Power Girl / Dejah Thoris mash-up that isn’t topless ?? Best, Nameless------ HaHa:) I know, dude---But it just isn't Powergirl without the boob window! I'm definitely with you on the point, but the boob window, Nameless. The boob window. :), Drew Even my wife agrees with me on this, Nameless:) Me, I'm just tryin' to see how many times I can say "Boob window" today:)