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Thursday, January 10, 2013

PowerThoris Part 4---And The Window Is Closed

The nearly finished full figure---Just gotta add the sword and spot some blacks in the cape. Man, this has been a fun one. Who knows, I may even finish this commission up by quitting time tomorrow night:) Lots of hits today----Thanks to everyone who stopped by! Have a great evening, All!

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  1. Drew and everybody else: I'm the dude who commissioned this awesomeness, and in case you were wondering, here's the genesis of this little idea:
    Usually, when I get a commission, I either order up a Power Girl OR a Dejah Thoris. For whatever reason, those two characters just speak to me visially. Anyway, I decided "What the hell - see what happens when you combine the concepts."

    Drew - it looks spectacular so far. It will have a place of honor in my burgeoning collection!