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Monday, January 7, 2013

Guy & Ice Part 4

Thought I'd post this before the figures are completely finished...Process note---I made some changes to Ice's upper torso after realizing there was a several line tangent in the area of her collar bone. In working to fix it, it occurred to me that a little tiny bit of her right breast should be visible. The whole thing was kind of a domino effect of line erasures and small adjustments. Also, I was pleased with how the blacks in Guy's outfit make Ice pop nicely against his figure. In other news...Today I finally made my hotel reservations for my appearance at the Amazing Arizona Comic Con. It's January 25th-27th. If you're in Phoenix that weekend, drop by and say hello! More in a while...


  1. Looking nice but can you explain what you mean by tangents and why they are bad.

  2. Thank you:)
    Sure. A tangent is when lines from two different objects or figures overlap in the drawing, but instead of overlapping, they just look like they're touching. This can cause a confusing and unpleasant to look at visual speed bump in the drawing. If you look at the previous post, right about where Ice's collar bone on her right side is---there are (I think) three lines that all bump into each other---Ice's collar bone, her neck line, her bust line, even part of her shoulder, and a part of Guy's collar all visually collide a little bit. This makes the image a little confusing to look at, and that confusion can pull the viewer out of that "moment" they're looking at. Also, my anatomy drawing was fine, but those lines intersecting the way they did, made the transitional lines from Ice's neck to her bust line look a bit too extreme. The client made mention of it, and after I, Ray and my wife, Karen, who is also an artist all looked at it, declaring it fine as it was, I spent a little more time with it, and saw where I could easily move a few lines around to improve it. I'm glad I did. Credit really goes to Ray for noticing the triple tangent, and helping me to understand what was happening with it. Over all, this wasn't a major issue, but I like the drawing better for how it looks now, and it was a nice learning moment for me as an artist. Long explanation, but I hope it makes sense:)

  3. Thanks, I do see it now, although I think the only tangent that 'matters' would be that between Guy and Ice - two different figures. Tangents within a figure must be reasonably common, especially in a profile shot and I'd imagine sometimes unavoidable.