Peeks In The Window

Friday, December 21, 2012

The Window Is Closed For The Holidays

Gonna be spending a lot of time today getting ready for the holiday, so I don't know if I'll have time to post anything new. Hope you all have a great Holiday, and I'll be back here with the window open on January 2nd.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Wonder Woman & Zatanna Part 6

Hey All! Here's the mostly finished Wonder Woman figure----There'll be shadows added later. I'm starting work on Zatanna next!

The Window Is Open

All right---I've cleaned the hell out of my computer, so things should be running well at last. Thank you to my friend, Karl, for his helpful suggestions. I'm not the most tech savy guy, so help is always much appreciated. Okay---So back to where we left off! I did get a little bit more done on the Wonder Woman & Zatanna piece last night---So here's my latest progress.... Also, Karl---I DID mean momentum---Not inertia. You're the King of Physics, and I bow to your wisdom, my friend:) More in a little while!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Window Is Still Closed---Technical Difficulties

Been wrestling with computer security issues all day. My sincere apologies to any of my clients that may have gotten the spam email my account was sending out. I think it's stopped now. I'll do my best to have this blog back in action tomorrow morning. Thanks for your patience!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Window Is Closed

Hey All---Sorry I didn't get to post more---I opened a legit looking email today and was massively and aggressively spammed. In trying to secure my laptop, the whole machine tied itself in knots. I think the problem is resolved, and I'll be back here tomorrow. Rough Tuesday:( So for now, the window is closed. I'll be back tomorrow---Have a great night!

The Window Is Open!

Good morning all! Thanks for the new comment on the blog---I always appreciate knowing you're out there. Here's where I left off last night. You'll probably notice some of the changes I ended up making. Like I said last night, walking away for a while really changes your perspective on what you're drawing. Either you come back, and you realize it's really working, or you come back, tear up the piece and never speak of it again. Well, maybe the results aren't that extreme
---I just came back to this piece last night, and realized a few spots needed adjusting, and then added some bits and subtracted others. Anyway---To work! As always, hit me with any questions or comments, and I'll answer 'em with the next posting in a few hours.

Monday, December 17, 2012

The Window Is Closed

Calling it a night. I made more progress on the Wonder Woman figure, but I'll save it for the morning so there's something fun to post right away. I'm always amazed by what you see in a piece after you've walked away from it for a while. I saw some things that were working, and some that weren't, and that prompted me to sit down and start working again after dinner break. I'm starting to feel that rhythm I was looking for on this piece. Hopefully that inertia will carry me over into tomorrow. Guess we'll see. G'night all.

Wonder Woman & Zatanna Part 3

Well, I went a little past 5:30....Here's a focus in on where I'm at on the Wonder Woman figure. This thing's starting to take shape. I still don't feel like I've caught my rhythm on this piece yet. It takes a while sometimes. Maybe it's just that I didn't draw all weekend.... Dinner break's coming up soon, so I might not post again for a few hours. Do check back, though, and please feel free to leave comments or questions!

Wonder Woman & Zatanna part 2

Been struggling with Diana's head for about an hour. Whenever it's been a while since I've drawn her, it always takes a bit for me to get her right. Argh. Diana's body is missing because I did a light erasure over her. The scan just isn't sensitive enough to pick up what's there. The erasure will make it easier to build on her structure, and will also keep the pencil from smearing as my hands
pass over it. Also, the scan is kinda chunky because I had to amp up the dark levels to get it to pick up what's here at the moment. This'll give you an idea of where I'm at, though. Hopefully, I'll have something good to show around 5:30....

Zatanna & Wonder Woman "On the Tracks" pt 1

Putting pencil to paper on KT's Wonder Woman and Zatanna piece. There was a kind of "Women in danger"/Bondage spin requested on this one, so I spent some time combing through Les Daniels' WONDER WOMAN: THE COMPLETE HISTORY, looking for some inspiration from Wonder Woman's bondage checkered past. What I've come up with is an homage to a panel from SENSATION Comics #26. It's a nod to the old school heroine tied to the railroad tracks routine. In commissions like this one I like to use the commission page as a story telling panel. If you look at the Tara Chace commission I posted this morning, you can see what I mean. The Chace piece is a climactic moment in a story I wrote in my head while I was working on it. Same here. We'll see Wonder Woman and Zatanna in peril, attempting to escape an oncoming train---Will they make it? The story will probably evolve in my mind as I'm working on the drawing, and may effect how the final image comes out---I guess we'll see. So what you're seeing here is my loose tracing of my under-drawing, and a pretty basic perspective grid. It's all pretty sloppy, but it'll get cleaned up, and built upon as I go. If anyone out there has any questions or comments as I'm working on this puppy, please feel free to leave 'em in the comment section and I'll do my best to answer 'em. I've turned off all of the annoying settings on the blog, so you can be anonymous if you want, and no one has to do that stupid word recognition thing, or be a blog member
. So please, fire away. I hate feeling as though I'm working in a void. I'll post again in another two hours or so. Cheers!

The Window is now open!

Good morning! Getting a bit of a late start today. I'll be warming up this morning for about an hour, working on a poster for my friend Steve's short film, ADVENTURES IN SCIENCE. It's an exciting Steampunk thriller, and a silent film. If you're a fan of the Steampunk genre, I'd recommend checking out his filming blog at To start this blog out, I thought I'd post my latest commission, featuring Tara Chace of the comic, QUEEN & COUNTRY. Off to work---I'll be back here an another hour or two with something new to look at.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Thanks For Stopping By!

The Window is closed, but will open on Monday, unless I find time to work over the weekend! See you next week!