Peeks In The Window

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Guy Gardner & Ice Commission Finish

Here's the final, finished Guy & Ice commission. I had a lot of fun with it, and hope the client will like it. When considering the idea for this piece, I thought about how Guy and Ice's relationship has always been kind of up and down, especially due to Guy's obnoxious nature. I wanted to go for something romantic given the pose request, and yet play the romance against Guy's nature---So you get Guy's fellow Lanterns looking down on him from space, cheering him on, but you also get Kilowog in the foreground losing a bet to Ch'pp that Guy would screw it up:) Thanks everyone for following my progress on this commission---I hope you've enjoyed seeing it come to life. Next, I'll be working on a character mash-up of Powergirl and Dejah Thoris. I've been considering ideas for this one in my head all day, and am really looking forward to getting to work on it. I'll be posting some of my starting work on that one later this evening, so please stay tuned.


  1. Really super great work here, man! Mine is the Dejah/Power Girl & I'm SUPER stoked to see how you interpret the character!

  2. Thank you Peter! I really appreciate it! Just posted my under-drawing of your commission, and I'm having A LOT of fun with it so far. Hope you'll enjoy seeing how it develops!