Peeks In The Window

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cheetah's Revenge Part 2

Hey All! Ray opened The Window this morning! That is SO cool! I'm really excited to have Ray on board and posting his inking progress! Welcome Ray! Hope everyone will enjoy his posts! Here's my progress on the new Wonder Woman bondage commission that I've dubbed, "Cheetah's Revenge". I'm working my way through finalizing the Cheet's upper body, and have spent a lot of time today working out her anatomy. More soon, I hope---I'm still feeling a little funky, so I may not work past when my wife and kiddos get home in favor of an early bed time after the kids go to bed. But right now...Back to work!


  1. Wonderful work! Those spot blacks and shading are really making the Cheetah figure pop; and I dig the pose, too!