Peeks In The Window

Friday, January 4, 2013

Guy & Ice Commission Part 1

Here's my under-drawing for the Guy Gardner & Ice commission. The client requested them in a re-creation of the famous V-J Day sailor kissing nurse photograph. I've come up with an interesting, character appropriate idea that I hope he'll like. Stay tuned to see where it's going!


  1. Cool idea for a commission, very interested to see this "character appropriate idea" that you have.

    1. Thanks, Ken---I've been a fan of these two characters since the early JLI days, and will do my best to do 'em justice---No pun intended:)

  2. That is a nice image to 'homage'. And of course everyone loves the kissing. Well, everyone who isn't a teenage boy.

  3. I think it's gonna be a neat piece---I'm having fun with it so far.