Peeks In The Window

Friday, January 4, 2013

Wonder Woman and Zatanna Commission Finish

Hey all! Here is the final finished version of the Wonder Woman & Zatanna commission. Hope you'll enjoy it, and that you've gotten a kick out of seeing it develop. Next up---Green Lantern Guy Gardener and Ice. Stay tuned to The Window to see how it's going to look. Thank you to K.T. for your commission purchase!


  1. Epic stuff Drew, very pleased and enlightening to see the process too. Now I'm off to wax my 'tache as I'm sure they're both doomed. BWAHAHAHA!!! ;).
    All the best, Karl

  2. Hahahahaha:)
    I think they are toast, Karl:) So happy you like it. This is my favorite comment on the blog so far, given the image of you in a stovepipe hat twirling your handlebar mustache made me laugh out loud. Thank you, my friend:)

  3. WONDERful! Poor Zee and Wonder Woman...what dashing hero will come riding on his noble steed to save the day?

    1. Glad you like it!
      They do look like they're toast, though. Maybe The Flash is running in just off panel:)