Peeks In The Window

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Guy and Ice inks #2

Thanks to Drew for the kind welcome. Here is the first of the inks for David's commission. I've blocked out the extreme foreground, to allow myself free reign over the body of the drawing. I can now work with impunity on the mid and back ground.

I can always go back and adjust the line weight on these elements, it's just smart to ink these first to open the main art area for inking. For anyone who may be interested, I'm using Rotring Rapidiograph pens and a Sharff series 3000 #3 round red sable brush. Dr. Martin's Black Star hicarb is (in my opinion ) the best commercial ink available. Thanks for tuning in for this episode of "As the Window Opens", tune in next time to find out... Who posts next?  Best, Ray.


  1. Actually, I'll probably post next...but there's only the two of us on the blog, so I guess it's not a very suspenseful situation.:)
    Great post Ray. This feels like old home week, from back when I used to get to watch you in in the old studio. Can't wait to see more, bud!

  2. Once again, thanks Drew. Come on, man, I'm trying to build some old fashioned serial cliff hanger interest. I really do miss Drew being around, but if he didn't move back home he wouldn't have met his very lovely wife, Karen (producing two beautiful children included). I'll post more later, but Drew wins with the ultra sexy Cheetah- Wonder Woman piece. Can't wait to ink that one!


  3. Hi Ray,
    Good to see you posting your work here!. It's been too long since I heard from you and I'm delighted you'll be involved in the Wonder Woman commissions, boldly going where DC never dared ;)