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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Cheetah's Revenge Inks Part 3 ~ Plus

Presented is the update for Cheetah's Revenge, or as Drew likes 'Epic Spank'. Almost finished with the main figures, and I can start working background. I've made a few changes with the lasso and such, no disrespect to Drew. I am always my own worse critic, so Drew knows that (out of respect) I treat him likewise. He'll give me hell, as well, so don't feel bad for him!

I'll probably be adding some more weight lines to this and finishing up in the next day or two. My father had some health scares lately, heart problems and such. So, many apologies for the delays, I'm the go to guy since my siblings have children and 9 to 5 type jobs. My father is doing well and back at home now, so I don't have any worries. I'll be back at the desk soon enough to continue the commissions but family always comes first!


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Huntress & Black Canary Part 3

  Hey All---

  Here's part three on the Huntress & Black Canary piece.  Please forgive the over saturation on the Huntress figure here---I upped the blacks on the scanner to be able to show my early progress on the Black Canary figure, and wanted to give you guys a little more of a clear picture of the full commission.  At this point, all you really can't see is the shadow of the approaching villains.
  This does it for work for me tonight---I'm packing for Seattle, and getting out of here in the morning.  I'll be back to work here on Tuesday.  I hope you'll have a great weekend, and I hope if you're in Seattle, you'll drop by table P-23 at the Emerald City Comic Con, and say hello.
  Thanks for all your views and comments---I'll see you back here soon.

Huntress & Black Canary Part 2

  Hi All---

  Just about ready to head up to Seattle, so I'm taking some time to work on Huntress & Black Canary.  Here, the Huntress figure is all finished, and the car she's crouching on is taking shape.  My scanner didn't pick up the background perspective lines, so it looks like she's riding a floating car---Just imagine she's in an alley for a little bit longer:)
  Back to work---Hope you'll all dig how this one's coming along.  More as soon as I can.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sorry I've Been Away....

  Hey All---

  Sorry I've been away from The Window for a bit.  I had a pretty important job opportunity come up, and had to go chase it.  I'm also getting ready to leave for Seattle on Thursday for the Emerald City Comic Con, and am developing a new comic project that I'm writing and drawing.  Just a lot on my plate right now.  Please bear with me while I work my way though this stuff.  I'll be back to work here at The Window just as soon as I can.
  Thanks for all the views lately, and thanks for your kind wishes while I was getting over that rotten respiratory infection.
  If you're going to be at ECCC, please drop by and say hi!  I can't wait to get back to the North West.
  Also, if you're going to be at ECCC, be sure and pick up their wonderful MONSTERS & DAMES art book.  I'm extremely proud to have a page in it this year.  I'll include it here for you guys to check out, but definitely buy the book, too.  It's proceeds go to a wonderful charity, and it's just a really cool book to own as well.  This piece was done by me and my Aerodynamic Studio mates Ray Snyder, who inked it, and Lizzy John, who colored it.  Hope you'll enjoy it.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Window Is Open For A Moment---Huntress & Black Canary Part 1

  Good Evening All---
  It was a day of Things That Needed Doing Away From The Desk.  I got a late start to the sitting down at the desk, and have ended up staying up late working on this piece.
  I screwed up---I guess my mind was elsewhere, and I forgot to scan the initial under drawing to show you all the start of the commission---So my apologies.  At this point, I've sketched in almost all of Huntress, and started final illustration of the figure.  The bummer of my scanner is that I can't get a readable scan of a finished drawing and still get a readable scan of lighter drawings--So you can't really tell what scene the commission is showing.  Bear with me---It'll become clearer.
  In the meantime, I hope what little can be seen here makes even the smallest bit of sense....
  Ok---Off to sleep.  More tomorrow.
  Sleep well, everyone.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Harley & Ivy Commission---Final

  Hi All---

  Here's the final pencils for the Harley and Ivy commission.  Thanks to Monte for the commission---I hope he'll enjoy it.  Thanks also to all of you who tuned it to  watch me at work on it, and thanks to all of you who commented on it.  I always really enjoy the discussion of each piece I'm working on.
  Also, Ray will be inking this commission---I can't wait to see how it's going to come out.  Oh--and a goofy side note---I tried a new signature on this one.  I've never settled on a signature, and have a habit of changing it up as the mood strikes me.  I'll be interested to see how long this one lasts...
  Next, I'll be working on Jason's Pre-New 52 Huntress and Black Canary commission.  I've got a fun idea for it already, and will be getting to work on it in just a few minutes.
  Stay tuned to see how it develops---Thanks!

Harley & Ivy Part 9---Near The End

  Hey All---
  Here's current progress on the Harley & Ivy piece.  The figures are done, and I'm filling in the scenery.  I've just got a bit left to do on the floor and ceiling of the cell, and we're outta here.
  The stunning conclusion...Soon.

Monday, February 18, 2013

The Window Is Open---Harley & Ivy Part 8

  Hey All---

  Here's current progress on the Harley & Ivy piece.  Finishing up the figure work now.  Ended up having a bit of a set back this morning when I realized Harley's back leg is black, and was going to eclipse the lettering that passes in front of it.  So I went back and erased all the black lettering and re-did it as  all white, so that leg makes the lettering pop now.  A nice result via a total screw-up.  Also, this is a lo-res scan, so please pardon how rough it looks, especially when it comes to the lettering.
  Hoping to finish this one up today.  More soon.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Cheetah's Revenge Inks, Part 2.

More IRS problems, small (tiny, actually) convention tomorrow, so very little progress. I've found that preparations for the smallest convention is not very different from others, without the packing and airfare. I will be seeing old friends, so it's worth the trouble. Meeting with comic book fans is always a reason to get out and socialize, very nice people as a lot. On to the show...

Not quite finished with Cheetah, but well enough to move along, knocking out the foreground first is always the smart choice. On to WonderWoman, I can't help but think that things will go very badly for Cheetah once she breaks loose. And she will break loose, she's WW after all. I backfilled with a .25, and .50 Rotring rapidograph pen, the spaces not being large enough to warrant breaking out a brush. A little time consuming, but presice. More to come.


The Window Is Open...For A Moment---Harley & Ivy Part 7

  Hey All---
  Hope everyone is having a great weekend.  Haven't had much time to work today, but I got a little done while my daughter was napping.
  I've added the lettering here---I'm glad Ray's inking this piece, because he'll clean up the rough spots in my lettering.  Also, my scanner didn't pick the lettering up very well, so please forgive its rough appearance.  It looks nicer on my paper right now.
  Also, you may notice I changed Ivy's open cleavage area.  I was looking at my progress on this piece as I was finishing up last night, and realized that her right breast looked smaller than her left.  Mostly due to the way the leaves and hair were laying across it, but also because I really blew the perspective of the rounding leaves across the front of her chest.  The right breast covering goes deep into the center of her chest, when it should in fact only cover the front of her chest, which rounds away with her breast from mid-chest.  Have I said "breast" enough?  Anyway, I made the change, and I think it looks better now, and more correctly drawn.
  Off to dinner with the family---If I have time to work tonight, I'll post more later.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Harley & Ivy Part 6---And The Window Is Closed

    Hey All---
   About to call it a night, but before I do, here's progress on the Harley Figure.
   I'll probably be working tomorrow evening, so I'll post more progress then.  Hope you all have a nice weekend.

Harley & Ivy Part 5

  Hey All---
  Here's more work on the Poison Ivy figure---The leaves have been time consuming, but I really like how they're coming out.
  Her outfit is one piece, if anyone is wondering.  The leaves from the upper part of the body suit reach organically down toward her ab muscles where I imagine the material would go a softer, sheerer green around her mid-section.  I like the idea that the stems of the leaves are wrapping around her arms and body, still living and under her control.
  I'm going to move over to Harley now and finish her torso and arm up.  I think I'm going to go ahead and do the poster lettering across their legs after that so I'll be able to finish their leg details through the lettering instead of  trying to erase over their legs to do the lettering.  It's probably six of one, half dozen of the other, though...
  I'll post progress on Harley in a little while before I finish up for the evening.

Harley & Ivy Part 4

  Hi all---
  Here's a quick update on where I'm at on the Harley and Ivy commission.  Unfortunately, my scanner isn't picking up the lighter sketch lines, so it you can't see the planning lines.  There are actually a lot of details lightly sketched in.  I'll have more to post in a few hours.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Harley & Ivy Part 3--Heads!

  Just a quick update on the Harley and Ivy piece--I'm still working rather slowly, but am feeling better day by day.  Monte's requested my take on the movie poster for the classic film, GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES, using the wonderful Harley & Ivy.   I thought that might be necessary info to following my progress on this piece.  In fact, I'll include it with this update so we're all on the same page, so to speak.
  So this is Harley and Ivy's heads and upper sections.  I'm trying to infuse each of them with a sense of motion that each character would naturally have---Swirling hair and leaves for Ivy, and Harley's bouncy, jingly headpiece.

  I'm having a lot of fun with this one---I'll post more soon as I can.

The Window is Open. Ink progress for Cheetah's Revenge

Unavoidable delays have obviously slowed the process somewhat, and for that I apologize. Drew's still a tad bit ill, but feeling better. I've had to spend some quality time with my taxes, the IRS is not as nice as you kind folks so I thought better of ignoring them. Anyway, on to the show...

Cheetah's almost blocked in with some of the fine detail work. With the tight interplay of line work I'm using a .13 Rotring rapidograph pen, then backfilling the areas. This technique allows the intersection points to remain sharp. With such things I find that starting this way, albeit slower, works better for me in the long run. I dislike using whiteout and the cleanup and sharpening of lines ends up taking just as much time. Back to work!


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Harley & Ivy Commission Part 2

  Hi all---
  Here's some head details from the Harley and Ivy commission.  I'm hoping to have more work to show later today, but I'm, unbelievably, sick again.  The doctor says it's happening to a lot of people right now.  Frankly, it's pissing me off, and it's messing up my work days.  Anyway, I'm trying to keep working through the cough and the drugs, and will try to have more work to post tonight.
   I'm running late on answering emails at my yahoo address since I've been ill, so if you've emailed me and I haven't hit you back yet, I'll get to it real soon.  Thanks for your patience, everyone.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Harley & Ivy Commission Part One---The Window Is Open

  Hey All---I'm finally back in action---It's been a long last few weeks---My apologies for my absences.  Here's the opening move on Monte's Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy commission.  
  More coming soon!  Thanks for tuning in!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Pencils and Inks---Part Two

  Here's Ray's inks over the Ms Marvel piece.  I really feel like his lines add some great energy to the figure.  We'll try to post some more pieces like this as Ray inks 'em up.  If anyone happens to have any questions about either of our processes on this one, feel free to ask 'em in the comments section, and we'll get right back to you.

Pencils and Inks---Part One

  Hey all---
  My kids are home from daycare for a holiday, so I won't be getting to work until this evening, after my wife gets home from work.  Since I'm not generating new content at the moment, and the baby's down for a nap for a couple of minutes,  I thought it might be interesting to post a cool new piece that Ray just sent to me.  I drew a pinup shot of Ms Marvel in her classic outfit a while ago, and emailed Ray the pencils.  He recently printed it out and inked it on blueline.  So that you can check out the final results, I'm posting the pencils here, and will post the inks in the next post.  I hope you'll enjoy 'em.
  Ray has also just received three of KT's Wonder Woman commissions that I've penciled and is starting work on those as well.  I believe he'll begin posting progress on those here soon, so please stay tuned.
  So here's my original drawing:

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Window Is Closed

  Still feeling sick, and can't shake the cough.  Gonna hit the hay early tonight and try for a fresh start tomorrow.  Will definitely have work going on Harley & Ivy tomorrow, but tonight, sleep.
  Hope everyone is doing well and staying well.
  See ya tomorrow.

Epic Spank---The Final Word. Oh, and The Window Is Open.

  Hey All---Getting ready to mail KT's commissions to Ray for inking, I had a couple of minor mistakes that I needed to take care of---Well, there was only one fix that was immediately necessary, and I did that, but I ended up getting itchy about a couple of other things, so this is the final result...I'm sending it out.  There will be no more noodling.  I think it's a lot better---Really more the piece that I wanted from the beginning.
  This now being off my plate, I'm gonna go mail some things out.  When I get back, I'll be starting work on the long-awaited Harley & Ivy commission for Monte.
  Hope you guys dig this new version of the Cheetah's Revenge commission.  With the new lightningy background, it feels a little more powerful in it's scope, so now I'm calling it Epic Spank.  So there you go.
  More soon!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Window is Open. Guy and Ice is Finished!

Hello All,
Little Quinn is still under the weather, but in good spirits. Hopefully Drew will be back at the board tomorrow. At least I've been able to get some time in and finish up the inks for Guy and Ice. I've cleaned up some line-weight issues and superfluous blue line. I've added the star field back in place, which always makes any hologram look fancier.

David was curious as to how the whole 'black with stars' thing actually gets accomplished, so maybe a few others might like this explained as well. After the line work of the piece is completed (not so important with printed blue-line, but very important with work over graphite because the graphite can be lifted from the page), I adhere a sheet of low-tack Frisket film to the page. Frisket is a clear vinyl masking/stenciling tool used primarily in air-brush work. With an x-acto knife I remove the areas that I'll be working with, leaving the remainder of the page protected. With a toothbrush (try finding a plain, flat toothbrush anymore - it's impossible) I apply the 'cosmic cloud' effect by lightly dipping the brush into some Titanium White acrylic paint and scrubbing the brush (quickly) across the tip of my thumb. This randomly spatters fine white dots across the star field. Then with a size 0 sable barrel brush, I spot in larger stars. It's a really effective way to quickly bring a bit of realistic sky into a background.

Thanks for tuning in, we'll try to quickly get on to the next piece on the list (Monte's Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, I believe). I'm awaiting shipment from Drew of KT's three WonderWoman commissions to ink over the pencils, so stay tuned for that. I don't think anyone will complain about seeing those again!


Monday, February 4, 2013

The Window is Open! Illness continues...

Hello All,
Drew seems to be better, but the little guy, Quinn, is still under the weather. It's humorous to hear a grown man brought down by a tiny baby. I'm sure all of those with children will empathize with him. We've completed our work on the Injustice #5 cover, and with Drew away (he'll try to get back to the list tomorrow) and my distractions completed, we'll be getting back to work on your commissions.

Here is the 'completed' inks on the Guy and Ice commission. I'll be moving on to my favorite part of such things, the clean up, addition of the star field, and adding our signature to the piece.

On to the 'finishes' on this piece, good wishes for little Quinn, and good night to you all. The Window is Closed. I'll update tomorrow with the final work. Thank you all for your interest and participation.

Still Sick! This Stinks!

  Hi all.  My baby son is still sick, and so am I.  This stuff is lousy, and I'd advise you all to refuse to get it.  Normally, I'd just work though being sick, but my son is 6 months old, and really ill, so he's requiring a lot of attention.  I'm hoping we'll kick this in the next couple of days, and I'll get back to drawing, and he can get back to doing fun baby things.  Thanks for your kind words and patience.  Hope you're all doing and staying well!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Out Sick!

  Hi All---Sorry for my absence!  After my return from Arizona,  our six month old baby boy came down with a nasty virus.  I've been home tending to him all week, and babies demand quite a bit of continuous attention, so I've been away from the desk and the computer.  Now he seems to be doing better, but I've caught it, and am working to get over it.  I'll probably be away from the window for another couple of days, but hope to be back in full work mode again by monday.  Thanks for your patience while I sweat this thing out.
  Have a great weekend everyone!