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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

PowerThoris Commission part 1...And The Window Is Closed.

Hey All! Here's step one in the new commission in The Window, a character mash-up of Powergirl and John Carter of Mars' Dejah Thoris. I've been looking forward to this one---It's an interesting design challenge, and I'm a fan of both characters. So here's my basic underdrawing with some light design elements penciled in. I'll probably get a little more work done on it tonight, but it's been a long day---The baby woke us up at sunrise this morning, so I may call it a night soon. So with this post, The Window is closed for the night. We had a lot of hits today, so thank you so much to everyone that stopped by! Thank you to Peter, Karl, Ken and I think it was Michael for all of their comments and kind words---I sure appreciate 'em! Shout outs for all!!!!
And a big Thank you to my client, David, who commissioned the Guy and Ice piece. I had a great time working on it, and I really appreciate his business. Stay tuned in the next day or two as Ray Snyder begins to Post here on The Commission Window as he inks David's Guy and Ice piece! I'm excited, as I haven't gotten to work next to Ray in many years, since we were studio mates when I lived in Georgia. It'll be rad to get to see Ray's process and what he's going to do over my pencils. Have a great evening, everybody! See you tomorrow!

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