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Monday, January 21, 2013

Guy and Ice #4 - The Window is Open... and then Closed

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day to all, and Inauguration Day as well! (For all those in the States.) I've actually gotten some work done today, the weekend was full of family obligations. Anyway, here is the continuance of the inks on the Guy and Ice commission for David. I've had some progress on the main figures, as well as the background tech. Typically, I prefer to knock out all encapsulating lines before filling the interior line-work on a given element, but the two figures are so very entwined that it's a serious back and forth. 'The Beast with two backs' is not applicable in this case, but the intermingling of the two characters reminds me much of this quote.

I'll quickly (hopefully) be on to finishing all the tech and clean-up on this piece. I always enjoy that moment when the line-work is done and I can get an overview. It's at this stage that I'll add the star field   into the extreme background and adjust any line weight that I'm unhappy with. I'll be inking Drew's DC cover work this week, and then on to K.T.'s three commissions over Drew's original pencils. Thank you for all your interest and kind comments. Good night!


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