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Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Window is Open. Ink progress for Cheetah's Revenge

Unavoidable delays have obviously slowed the process somewhat, and for that I apologize. Drew's still a tad bit ill, but feeling better. I've had to spend some quality time with my taxes, the IRS is not as nice as you kind folks so I thought better of ignoring them. Anyway, on to the show...

Cheetah's almost blocked in with some of the fine detail work. With the tight interplay of line work I'm using a .13 Rotring rapidograph pen, then backfilling the areas. This technique allows the intersection points to remain sharp. With such things I find that starting this way, albeit slower, works better for me in the long run. I dislike using whiteout and the cleanup and sharpening of lines ends up taking just as much time. Back to work!


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