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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Window Is Open For A Moment---Huntress & Black Canary Part 1

  Good Evening All---
  It was a day of Things That Needed Doing Away From The Desk.  I got a late start to the sitting down at the desk, and have ended up staying up late working on this piece.
  I screwed up---I guess my mind was elsewhere, and I forgot to scan the initial under drawing to show you all the start of the commission---So my apologies.  At this point, I've sketched in almost all of Huntress, and started final illustration of the figure.  The bummer of my scanner is that I can't get a readable scan of a finished drawing and still get a readable scan of lighter drawings--So you can't really tell what scene the commission is showing.  Bear with me---It'll become clearer.
  In the meantime, I hope what little can be seen here makes even the smallest bit of sense....
  Ok---Off to sleep.  More tomorrow.
  Sleep well, everyone.

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