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Monday, February 11, 2013

Pencils and Inks---Part One

  Hey all---
  My kids are home from daycare for a holiday, so I won't be getting to work until this evening, after my wife gets home from work.  Since I'm not generating new content at the moment, and the baby's down for a nap for a couple of minutes,  I thought it might be interesting to post a cool new piece that Ray just sent to me.  I drew a pinup shot of Ms Marvel in her classic outfit a while ago, and emailed Ray the pencils.  He recently printed it out and inked it on blueline.  So that you can check out the final results, I'm posting the pencils here, and will post the inks in the next post.  I hope you'll enjoy 'em.
  Ray has also just received three of KT's Wonder Woman commissions that I've penciled and is starting work on those as well.  I believe he'll begin posting progress on those here soon, so please stay tuned.
  So here's my original drawing:

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