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Friday, February 1, 2013

Out Sick!

  Hi All---Sorry for my absence!  After my return from Arizona,  our six month old baby boy came down with a nasty virus.  I've been home tending to him all week, and babies demand quite a bit of continuous attention, so I've been away from the desk and the computer.  Now he seems to be doing better, but I've caught it, and am working to get over it.  I'll probably be away from the window for another couple of days, but hope to be back in full work mode again by monday.  Thanks for your patience while I sweat this thing out.
  Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Replies
    1. I am!!! I've just lost about ten lbs eating right and exercising. Your advice is flawed, Karl! Flaaaaawwwwwwed....!!!!:)

  2. No problem buddy. My family and I have just went through the same thing. It's rough. Not trying to a bug you with earlier post just wondering if you made it out of the con. Rest up and take care of the kids.

  3. You didn't bug me at all! Actually, you reminded me I should update here, as I said I'd be back to work here on Monday. I made it out of the con fine, but boy, that drive is a stinker! We left from the show as soon as it was over on sunday, and I made it back to Burbank shortly before 1:30 am.
    Anyway, resting up and working on recovering from what's been revealed to be a lung infection (!) Got anti-biotics and mucinex, so I'm feeling a little better already. Hope to be back at the desk on monday. The kids are doing better too, but now my wife is getting the sore throat. I guess we all just have to slog through the illness season!

  4. That sucks to hear, hope you're back to your old self in no time. Just think about how awesome your immune systems will be after all this. Get well soon.

  5. Thanks Ken---I hope my immune system will be awesome after this---I don't wanna do it again for a long time!