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Monday, February 4, 2013

The Window is Open! Illness continues...

Hello All,
Drew seems to be better, but the little guy, Quinn, is still under the weather. It's humorous to hear a grown man brought down by a tiny baby. I'm sure all of those with children will empathize with him. We've completed our work on the Injustice #5 cover, and with Drew away (he'll try to get back to the list tomorrow) and my distractions completed, we'll be getting back to work on your commissions.

Here is the 'completed' inks on the Guy and Ice commission. I'll be moving on to my favorite part of such things, the clean up, addition of the star field, and adding our signature to the piece.

On to the 'finishes' on this piece, good wishes for little Quinn, and good night to you all. The Window is Closed. I'll update tomorrow with the final work. Thank you all for your interest and participation.

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