Peeks In The Window

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Epic Spank---The Final Word. Oh, and The Window Is Open.

  Hey All---Getting ready to mail KT's commissions to Ray for inking, I had a couple of minor mistakes that I needed to take care of---Well, there was only one fix that was immediately necessary, and I did that, but I ended up getting itchy about a couple of other things, so this is the final result...I'm sending it out.  There will be no more noodling.  I think it's a lot better---Really more the piece that I wanted from the beginning.
  This now being off my plate, I'm gonna go mail some things out.  When I get back, I'll be starting work on the long-awaited Harley & Ivy commission for Monte.
  Hope you guys dig this new version of the Cheetah's Revenge commission.  With the new lightningy background, it feels a little more powerful in it's scope, so now I'm calling it Epic Spank.  So there you go.
  More soon!


  1. Cool!, much more atmospheric and of course the lighning is appropriate to the character. Anyhow, Zeus obviously isn't happy, or maybe he is. Who can tell with that guy?. I guess that could be a Hunter's (red) moon now. Very nice.

  2. And I should add, more importantly, glad you and the little fella are now on the mend!