Peeks In The Window

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Cheetah's Revenge Inks, Part 2.

More IRS problems, small (tiny, actually) convention tomorrow, so very little progress. I've found that preparations for the smallest convention is not very different from others, without the packing and airfare. I will be seeing old friends, so it's worth the trouble. Meeting with comic book fans is always a reason to get out and socialize, very nice people as a lot. On to the show...

Not quite finished with Cheetah, but well enough to move along, knocking out the foreground first is always the smart choice. On to WonderWoman, I can't help but think that things will go very badly for Cheetah once she breaks loose. And she will break loose, she's WW after all. I backfilled with a .25, and .50 Rotring rapidograph pen, the spaces not being large enough to warrant breaking out a brush. A little time consuming, but presice. More to come.



  1. Sounds like someone needs to commission a Wonder Woman's Revenge piece to accompany this! Looking very sharp and tight so far, I look forward to seeing more.

  2. Well who says she wants to break loose ?(read your Marston) ;).
    Inks looking fanstastic so far Ray :)