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Monday, December 17, 2012

Zatanna & Wonder Woman "On the Tracks" pt 1

Putting pencil to paper on KT's Wonder Woman and Zatanna piece. There was a kind of "Women in danger"/Bondage spin requested on this one, so I spent some time combing through Les Daniels' WONDER WOMAN: THE COMPLETE HISTORY, looking for some inspiration from Wonder Woman's bondage checkered past. What I've come up with is an homage to a panel from SENSATION Comics #26. It's a nod to the old school heroine tied to the railroad tracks routine. In commissions like this one I like to use the commission page as a story telling panel. If you look at the Tara Chace commission I posted this morning, you can see what I mean. The Chace piece is a climactic moment in a story I wrote in my head while I was working on it. Same here. We'll see Wonder Woman and Zatanna in peril, attempting to escape an oncoming train---Will they make it? The story will probably evolve in my mind as I'm working on the drawing, and may effect how the final image comes out---I guess we'll see. So what you're seeing here is my loose tracing of my under-drawing, and a pretty basic perspective grid. It's all pretty sloppy, but it'll get cleaned up, and built upon as I go. If anyone out there has any questions or comments as I'm working on this puppy, please feel free to leave 'em in the comment section and I'll do my best to answer 'em. I've turned off all of the annoying settings on the blog, so you can be anonymous if you want, and no one has to do that stupid word recognition thing, or be a blog member
. So please, fire away. I hate feeling as though I'm working in a void. I'll post again in another two hours or so. Cheers!


  1. Looks like a solid start. I remember the countless classic Wonder Woman bondage covers. Might I suggest a gag or something that would prevent Zatanna speaking/casting a spell? I like the idea of a plot woven into your commissions. Looking forward to seeing my commission evolve when it's my turn.

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  3. That's a great idea---It's funny, I'm a total Zatanna geek and I didn't even think of that!