Peeks In The Window

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Window Is Open!

Good morning all! Thanks for the new comment on the blog---I always appreciate knowing you're out there. Here's where I left off last night. You'll probably notice some of the changes I ended up making. Like I said last night, walking away for a while really changes your perspective on what you're drawing. Either you come back, and you realize it's really working, or you come back, tear up the piece and never speak of it again. Well, maybe the results aren't that extreme
---I just came back to this piece last night, and realized a few spots needed adjusting, and then added some bits and subtracted others. Anyway---To work! As always, hit me with any questions or comments, and I'll answer 'em with the next posting in a few hours.


  1. Well, I've noticed you erased her hips!, I liked those hips!. Looking forward to seeing more. :)

  2. They're still there---Just lightly erased so I can add the belt and such. The scanner setting wasn't sensitive enough to pick 'em up. More in a few hours:)