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Monday, December 17, 2012

Wonder Woman & Zatanna Part 3

Well, I went a little past 5:30....Here's a focus in on where I'm at on the Wonder Woman figure. This thing's starting to take shape. I still don't feel like I've caught my rhythm on this piece yet. It takes a while sometimes. Maybe it's just that I didn't draw all weekend.... Dinner break's coming up soon, so I might not post again for a few hours. Do check back, though, and please feel free to leave comments or questions!


  1. Hi Drew,
    Impressed with the level of research you put into the piece and I'm sure it's going to be a killer.
    The figure is developing nicely and although I see you said you had trouble with Diana's face I think you've nailed it now. She looks good but also suitably ticked off with herself for getting into the predicament. I imagine the lasso is being used to restrain her...and perhaps Zatanna too but I guess we'll see. I'm also wondering if we are going to see a hint of the train arriving in the distance and if so what sort of train you will go with. I certainly expect the unseen villain to be sporting a handlebar moustache... ;)

  2. That Les Daniels book is a great book to have handy when you want to check your WW history! DC sent it out as the freelancer holiday gift a while back, and I've always gotten a lot of use out of it. The DC encyclopedia is always helpful as well.
    Glad you're liking the face so far---I hope you'll like the new progress update. I figured it would have to be the lasso restraining her---Nothing else would! Zatanna will just be bound with rope, and from another person's comment yesterday, she'll need to be gagged as well! Still laughing that that never occurred to me. They're gonna revoke my geek license:)
    There will indeed be a hint of the train coming---I think it's going to be the final piece that makes this page pop. Also, you're the second person to mention the Handlebar Mustache Villain. Ray was the first---We're all on the same page:)